Welcome to the UK's first ever festival dedicated to Nigerian popular cinema. Our week-long series of screenings celebrates the creativity and energy of the world's second largest film industry. With five feature films and one documentary, Nollywood Now! showcases the drama, tension and excitement of a truly global film culture.

Nollywood Babylon

The festival kicks off with a panel discussion featuring industry experts, followed by a screening of the documentary feature Nollywood Babylon, which captures the Nigerian film industry in its social and political context. A great ‘beginners guide’ for people new to Nollywood.

Post image for 7.30pm Thursday 7 October: Osuofia in London

One of the biggest and best loved Nigerian comedy movies ever. When he inherits his brother’s fortune, Osuofia (Nkem Owo) swaps village life for the bright lights of London. The jokes are mostly on him, but he’s smart enough to spot a scam when he sees one. Not to be missed!

Post image for 7.30pm Friday 8 October: Dangerous Twins

Nollywood megastar Ramsey Nouah plays a double role as twin brothers. The quieter twin convinces his brash Lagos-based brother to go to London and pretend to be him and get his British wife pregnant. Drama, violence and betrayal follow.

Post image for 7.30pm Saturday 9 October: White Waters

Melvin may be a bit slow, but he can run faster than anyone on the university athletics team. Will he make the championships and get the girl? Or will he withdraw into himself – with only a fish called Loneliness for company?

Post image for 7.30pm Monday 11 October: Arugba

Music, dance and teenage romance, set against a background of ancient tradition – and corruption. Star director Tunde Kelani takes on tradition and modernity as symbolised by the Arugba – a virgin who carries the sacrificial calabash during the annual Osun Osogbo festival.

Post image for 7.30pm Tuesday 12 October: Modupe Temi

One man. One woman. One house. These simple elements create a scorching drama about conflict, insecurity and distrust within a marriage. Will there be a happy ending? You’ll have to watch the film to the end! Starring Saidi Balogun and Doris Simeon.